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The Dunning–Kruger Effect

For a brief period of time, I thought I had this tailoring thing down. After all, I can use a sewing machine now. Even so, I’m starting to realize the importance of experience in tailoring, and I’m feeling a lot less confident about my skills. This change was started, in part, by my experience measuring curtains. Every time I’d do it, they would... Read more

My Various Projects

I’m pretty sure Carlos has decided that, if I get vacation time, I’m pretty much an employee. Luckily that doesn’t mean I’m in charge of sweeping the floors and cleaning the bathrooms, but instead it means that Carlos has some project waiting for me when I show up every day. Pillow Inserts For the first time, I was really happy with the qualit... Read more

Setting up my macOS Terminal: Zsh, Prezto, Solarized, vim

I recently got a new Macbook, and decided to set up my terminal the proper way, and how I wish I’d done it last time. It turns out that the process can be decently confusing, so I figured I’d write it down. Ingredients Zsh Zsh, or Z shell, is an alternate shell (it replaces bash). It has some pretty cool features, like better tab completion a... Read more

OPI — The Mystery Acronym

This week, I took a break from my WISE project because I spent the week in Washington, at Olympic National Park, as part of OPI, a trip offered to Miramonte seniors who are taking a science class. Nobody quite knows what OPI stands for, but we assume the O and P have something to do with Olympic and Park. Regardless, it’s run by a company called... Read more

What's Math Got to Do With It

This week, a surprisingly strong connection between math and tailoring became apparent to me. Maybe Stat is just getting harder, and I found myself thinking about it a lot, but I’m pretty sure I’m onto something. Anyway, here are a few parallels I’ve seen so far. Fractions and Base 12 That’s pretty much a fancy way of saying that we measure eve... Read more