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Moises, Gomez, and Their New Associate

First of all, I don’t actually know who Moises is. Carlos Gomez, however, has two associates. One is a girl named Cecilia, who goes to DVC and took over the job as Carlos’s real assistant from her older sister. She’s always busy, opening seams of garments, organizing everything in the back, getting everything ready for laundering, and a working ... Read more

First Impressions and WISE Goals

I think I surprised just about everybody I know by choosing to complete my WISE project at a local tailor. I know I surprised myself, at least. How it all started At first, I’d planned to use my WISE project as a sort of internship in the tech or business world. Fancy, I know. But, a potential job with an uncle of mine fell through, and the HR... Read more

About the Author

Hello! I’m Eric. I’m a student, with interests in way too many fields. On this blog I post about anything that interests me, separated into categories. Right now, I’m mostly using this site to log my experiences with the WISE program at my high school. Read more