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The Lost Art of Making a WISE Blog

This year, WISE has moved journals to Google Docs. This is a travesty, which I refuse to accept. Not only are blogs cool, but being able to make one is a decently useful skill, and they make WISE experiences more accessible. Luckily, we’re still given the option to make blogs, but we’re just heavily discouraged from doing so. Here are some of th... Read more


When I brought home the shirt I made last week, my parents asked what it was for when I walked in the door. I told them it was my homework. While I gave that joke up after a few seconds, I did end up doing some work from home this week. Equipment I was finally feeling confident enough to work on my own clothes, without Carlos telling me what t... Read more

Hard Work and its Rewards

This week, I added another item to the list of things I find really hard to do when it comes to tailoring: use the delicates sewing machine. But, I also added another skill to my skillset: tailoring shirts. Overall, it’s definitely a net positive, especially because I got to take the shirt home. Premise This week Carlos asked what I’d like to ... Read more

Meta Journal

First and foremost, it’s been made clear to me that I’ve been remiss in not discussing our “Journal Read Around” in one of my own journal entries. This unfortunate occurrence is due to the fact that I’ve entirely ignored the recommended (and explicitly optional) journal prompts given to me when writing these entries. However, because I never che... Read more

How to Alter Pants

I got my wish: when I showed up to Moises, Gomez, and Associates, Carlos was officially out of curtains to alter. Instead, he had two pairs of pants laid out on the table.     “We need to make these pants the same size as those.”     “Sure, how?” My Step-by-step Guide to Altering Pants Carlos told me all of this, bit by bit, as we started to... Read more